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The Books Enchant Us

And They Bring Us Back Time And Time Again

A Page Turned- A Book Lovers Community
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Hello! And welcome to A_Page_Turned : A Book Lovers Community!

Have you ever finished reading a book and was just so blown away with it, that you wanted to tell everyone about it? Or you just want to find other people that may have read the same book just to share your thoughts about it? Or maybe you are just looking for other book lovers like yourself?

Well this is the place for you.

A_page_turned is a book community where you can share new books that you want to read or just finished reading. We hope to share thoughts, and just have general discussions about books that we love.

This community is open to anyone who likes to read. It doesnt matter what you read. As long as you like to read and are willing to share your thoughts and suggestions with us, you are more than welcome. We are not a book trading community. If you are looking for a book trading community, there are plenty livejournal communities, all you have to do is an interest search.

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We do have some basic rules that we wish you to follow:

1. Keep it peaceful. No fighting or drama. The only drama we wanna talk about is the drama in a story.

2. Respect others opinions. If you have an opinion and expect others to respect you for it, have the courtesy to respect others for their opinion.

These are the two big ones. If you cause trouble, we will just remove you or ask you to leave.

3. we ask that you fill out the intro survey (listed below). Its not necessary or required, BUT it is a great way to introduce yourselves and a great way for us to get an understanding of what you are interested in, book wise.

4. If reviewing a book in the community, try to use the layout below or at least try to include all of the information about the book you are reviewing. Please be sure to include at least the title, author, a brief summary of the book, plus your own review.

5. Try to stay on topic.

6. Please be kind and put all long entries behind an lj-cut. If you are not sure how to do that, please visit this FAQ

7. Have fun!

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Any questions, concerns or comments? Contact one of the mods:
Kimberly- bratlet email: marconi01@hotmail.com
Kelly- bluemo email: kelly.roach@gmail.com

Make sure to put "a_page_turned" or something else that let's us know it's about the community in the subject line so that it doesn't get mistaken for junk mail :)

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All New Members: Please be kind and fill out this intro survey. So we can get to know you better.

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A form to fill out for those who wish to review a book. It is not required to use but it can give you a general idea of what you should have when posting a review.

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We would like to have activities and different discussions for our members to keep our members active. Check here to see what we have. All activities for the week will be have a link here for easy access. Check back here for any changes or additions.

Question of the week!

This weeks question:
Have you ever read a book that you couldnt finish? Is there any book that you started, but disliked so much that you couldn't or wouldn't finish? Is there any authors in particular, that you don't enjoy reading?

Share your answers, thoughts and book titles with us...

Please remeber to answer in the comments of that post only! Thanks!

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I have made some banners if you would like to promote this community in your journal. The more you promote, the more members we can gain. Feel free to take them.

Click here to see our banners!

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Do you want to become a sister community with a_page_turned? Let us know by contacting one of the mods(bratlet, or bluemo)

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